Conditions of Study

No audition is required for entry into the Junior School; however, a student’s aptitude will be taken into consideration when senior class places are offered. Regretfully, students already studying elsewhere cannot be accepted.

The school also reserves the right to refuse admission.

Students are entered for auditions and examinations at the discretion of the Principal.

Payment is due no later than one week before the first class or each new term. All fees are non-returnable and subject to change at one month’s notice.

This following is very important and should be noted.

At least one full term’s notice of intention to remove a student from the school is required in writing. This must be received at the beginning of the final term. A term’s fees must be paid in lieu of notice.

The school reserves the right to request the removal of any student found unsuitable for further training.

We reserve the right, as circumstances dictate, to alter the timetables or staff as necessary.

A reminder - Jewellery may not be worn during classes. Valuables such as purses, mobile ‘phones and watches must not be left in the dressing room, as the school cannot accept responsibility for any losses incurred on the premises.

Parents are asked not to watch classes. Opportunities will be provided at various times to view children’s progress.

Please notify the school immediately of any change of address or telephone number.

Please note that regular attendance is essential.

If you have any questions on this or any other matter to do with the Classical Dance Studio please call us on 01225 635309 or use the Contact Form.

“ Emily has made good progress since she joined the school. We have been impressed with the level of care and with the standard of instruction ”