Classical Dance Studios Uniform Regulations

Uniform must be worn at all Junior and Senior classes and rehearsals.

Junior School


Pre-Primary to Grade 2
Regulation leotard , pink leather shoes with elastic , pink tights, optional pink ballet socks up to Grade 2 instead of tights are permitted during the summer term, white cross-over cardigan.

Grade 3 to 5
Uniform as above, ballet shoes with ribbons,

From Grade 1 upwards, regulation character skirts and character shoes are required.

Note: Long hair must be worn in a bun with a headband. Short hair may be worn loose in a headband.


White 'T' shirt, dance belt, regulation shorts or tights, white three quarter length socks, white leather shoes with white elastics .

From Grade 1 upwards regulation character shoes are required.

Senior School


Regulation leotard, pink shoes with ribbons, as advised by the teacher, pink tights, headband.

Note. Long hair must be worn in a bun with a hair net and headband

Other Classes

For classes that are not part of the junior or senior ballet courses students should speak to the class teacher about dancewear.

Adults’ Ballet for Fun

Adult classes do not require a specific uniform but it is suggested that students seek the advice of their teacher on the suitability of their costume, prior to starting the class or course.